Rumpistol - Away LP

Rumpistol celebrates his 11th year birthday as a recording artist
with his 5th full album.

The title of the album is "Away" and references, among other things, the isolation, absence and loss that comes with the creative process, but also the privilege of being able to disappear into another world and be 100% present in the music.
Rumpistol returns with another step forward in the outgoing direction while acknowledging the finest moments of his earlier instrumental releases too.
With elements from juke, ambient, house, IDM & D'n'B, "Away" elegantly summarizes Rumpistol ability to produce highly elaborate and genre crossing electronic music, that still bears a human face, while integrating sonic details with microscopic precision.

"I listened to the album and the sound was really good. So detailed and delicate with many variations of tracks which I think is very important for a good album."
Daisuke Tanabe (JP/Project Mooncircle)
"Rumpistols 5th full length album is without doubt his best, not only because of his marvellous production. The man behind, Jens Berents Christiansen, has truly outdone himself with this one.
Bands of Tomorrow (DK)
"New Rumpistol album promo sounds extremely amazing, cant stop playing it. best of 2014 so far."
Pixelord (RU/Civil Music/Leisure System/Error Broadcast)
"Wow this is so dope, so crisp and beautiful. amazing work as always!"
Submerse (UK/Project Mooncircle/Apollo/L2S Recordings)
"Wild sonics wound up in tight constructions of rhythm and harmony - Rumpistol always hits a pitch-perfect balance between raw emotion and subtle production nuance, and it's never sounded better or mature than on Away. This is an album that deserves listeners the world over"
Kid Kameleon (US/Thump)
"Musical masterpiece."
Impuls (SE)
"I'm checking out the album now and really loving it. There's not a bad track on there and it's sounding really fresh, for the most part not really like anyone else out there - great achievement."
James Barrie (UK/Audio Texture)
"Sonic escapism with gently playful, introspective electronics and just the right amount of experiments"
The Gap (AT)
"Solid Release. Strong Tracks"
"Rumpistol apparently resumes the sound from his previous instrumental releases, while adding some well timed clubby elements to the crackling and melodic electronica."
Soundvenue (DK)
"Nice variety of productions, both instrumentals & vocals work on their own terms."
Kerem Gokmen (US/Dubmission/WYEP Pittsburgh)

Feb. 06th
The Royal Conservatory, Copenhagen, DK
w. Indians & Copenhagen Phil
Feb. 07th
Kulturværftet, Helsingør, DK
w. Indians & Copenhagen Phil
Feb. 10th
Oure Højskole, Oure, DK
w. Kalaha
Feb. 14th
Jazz Club Loco Copenhagen, DK
w. Kalaha
Feb. 15th
Away Release Party, Rust, Copenhagen, DK
Feb. 18th
Dexter, Odense, DK
w. Kalaha
Mar. 01st
Sonic College, Haderslev, DK
w. UNKWON & Mikkel Meyer
Mar. 07th
Templet, Lyngby, DK
w. UNKWON & Mikkel Meyer
Mar. 08th
Tapperiet, Køge, DK
w. UNKWON & Mikkel Meyer
Mar. 14th
Kulisselageret, Horsens, DK
w. UNKWON & Mikkel Meyer
Mar. 15th
Radar, Århus, DK
w. UNKWON & Mikkel Meyer
Mar. 20th
Engelsholm, Bredsten, DK
w. UNKWON & Mikkel Meyer
Mar. 21th
Viborg, Paletten, DK
w. UNKWON & Mikkel Meyer
Mar. 22th
Kolding, Pitstop, DK
w. UNKWON & Mikkel Meyer
Mar. 29th
Viborg, Paletten, DK
w. UNKWON & Mikkel Meyer
Apr. 09th
Huset, Aalborg, DK
w. Kalaha
Apr. 10th
Atlas, Århus, DK
w. Kalaha